This ministry is responsible for designing worship services that are spiritually engaging and transforming. This can include creatively organizing worship components, song selection, A/V preparation, sermon series suggestions, prop/illustration suggestions, etc.

A/V System

This ministry is responsible for the operation of the audio/visual system for all services. This will include turning the equipment on and off before and after each service, ensuring that all equipment is functioning correctly and properly adjusted, and manning the equipment. Included in this ministry is the responsibility to create slides/presentations for use during services and recording each sermon and/or lesson taught in the auditorium to the hard drive of the computer system. This ministry should ensure that sufficient individuals in all services are properly trained in the operation of all audio/visual equipment.


This ministry team is responsible for coordinating and making assignments for greeters, song leaders, communion service, prayers, and Scripture readers in all services. Also include in this ministry is a periodic training program for helping men to become more proficient in each o the listed worship activites.

Communion Preperation

Nursery Care

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